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New Member - Without BMW 2-Series Coupe

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Today I discovered this 2-Series forum. I do not have the subject car, but have it under consideration.

My current (somewhat similar in as much as it is a 2-door - no disrespect to BMW) vehicle is a 2017 VW Beetle in Habanero Orange. I purchased this after considering the BMW 4-Series coupe of the same year, but the sunroof became a standard, unacceptable, feature so I purchased the Beetle. At 5 years and 9 months of age, it has exceeded the plan to be a 3-year purchase. That due to events of the last 2-3 years.

The new 4-Series coupe is, IMO, a visual abomination - and completely unacceptable.

The 2-Series coupe (and that means 2-door, not the misnamed Grand Coupe) is interesting. Dealers (and buyers) have little interest in the model most like BMW's of yore. And so seeing 2-Series coupes in SUV America is rare.

Currently I would be more "lurking" than contributing as I do not have sufficient BMM knowledge.
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Hello Welcome and best wishes to your new journey. Hope you can find a lot of knowledge here according to your needs.
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